Monday, August 22, 2005

An Offer I Can Refuse

Well, the job people called. They were very frank with me, and that is good.
I was offered the temporary full time position with potential to be hired on as a permanent employee. They offered me less than my asking wage. However, being that I was very candid with them in the interview--having kids and all--they already know where my priorities are.

I have to give them an answer tomorrow morning.

On the up side, being that it is temporary, I could go into it with the mindset that my paychecks are for savings only. Then at least for the next [up to] 6 months...we could build a nest egg--and Kimi could go to 'preschool'.

I'm trying to see the positive, and ignore the negative. One thing is for sure, whether I am working or not working, the laundry NEVER gets done.


At 15:53, Blogger Addie said...

as a mother, I know how you feel... good luck

*new reader from the "next blog" button, hope you dont mind

At 16:41, Blogger Kassi said...

I love new readers!! :) Good to meet you!

At 18:15, Anonymous Nathan Logan said...

First off, congrats! That's cool that you got offered the position.

Second, after I had done so, my boss told me that you never lose anything by counter-offering. If they say no to the counter-offer, you can still accept the original. I guess the exception would be if they were very clear that they were non-negotiable.

Either way, I hope it all goes well!

At 20:58, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Nest eggs are good, comfy place - that's why I'm getting my Masters, so I can teach college and then have some TRAVELIN' money, baby!

And I'm sure I will experience the same angst - can I write you about in about two years? :)

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At 22:00, Blogger Kassi said...

Nathan: Yes, I have decided to counter-offer...just to see if they have a cap.

Africa: Yes, you certainly can write to me in a few years...I wish I could wait that long as my youngest is only 3.

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At 22:08, Blogger Kassi said...

I'm being super spammed, lets see how many come through...


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