Sunday, August 21, 2005

I know where she gets it...

The other day I was reading Very Zen, and there is a photo up of a swatch of Amanda's jammies. A nice pink color I might add. But on it, is a print of little people. At the top center there looks to be a cemetary, and I commented that it seems morbid to go to sleep with a cemetary on one's jammies.

There is a point to this.

4 years ago I worked at a music distribution company, and they sometimes allowed me to bring my daughter [Abi] to work with me. And she would "help" me with my work, sit at my desk and generally just be really super cute in her little bob hair cut.

Well, one of my co-workers asked her if she would draw a picture of Mickey Mouse. I was surprised when she agreed and set to work. Abi never was the type of child to look bright eyed and willing in regards to what strangers asked her to do. She has no problem saying "no" or just ignoring you until you go away. The co-worker said that they would come back later to see her finished work.

With Abi busy, I went back to getting something done as well. I glanced over to see how she was doing and she did indeed draw a picture of Mickey Mouse. It was a stick figure, but it had big round ears. Definitely Mickey.

Next to him though, she had been drawing numerous "X's". They were mishappen 4 year old "X's", but definitely "X's", or so I thought.

So I asked her "Honey what are those for?"

And she replied "This is where Goofy is buried", as she finished the last one.

My daughter had been drawing graveyard crosses.

My first reaction was the best reaction. I laughed. Then I picked up the drawing and started taking it around and showing my co-workers. They weren't very impressed. But I was. Maybe because she and I both have the same sentiments about Goofy.


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