Friday, August 19, 2005


Well, no matter what, I passed my Small Business Management class. I received 100% on my final, and I am just waiting on a grade for my artifact project. It will be a matter of passing the class with and A or a B. The fact that it is one more class under my belt bringing me that much closer to graduation is all I care about at this point in time.

To celebrate? I would love to take a nap. However since that isn't going to be possible...I'll be running out to buy and ink cartridge for my printer so that I can finally get some things done for MY small business--which by the way I am booked solid for the next few weeks with skin care's a good thing.


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At 15:31, Blogger Addie said...

yes, congrats... :)

At 15:34, Blogger Kassi said...

Thanks Ginny, I am looking forward to telling you the same!!

Thanks Addie! I'm loving the encouragement from the blogworld!


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