Thursday, August 25, 2005

Love and Tolerance

I find it extremely frustrating that folks will go up and down and around saying that you shouldn't bash another person's religious beliefs...

and yet they will turn around and bash Christianity.

I don't get it...isn't Christianity a religious belief as well?

I've been noticing a lot of forums who are openly berating Christians...openly admitting that they listen to Christian programming to scoff and laugh at their views.

I wonder what they would say if someone were to openly berate Jews, Muslims, Taoists, etc. Oh, I already know. The people that do that are dubbed Nazi's and such. Because they are considered intolerant...right?

Doesn't Christianity have a place among society in which they are protected against the same type of abuse? Why does no one say..."Hey that's not cool." when Christians are the target?

If find bashing of ANY faith dispicable.

Everyone wants love and tolerance. I'd like to see more people genuinely give it.

Thank you for reading.

*stepping down from soapbox*


At 08:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps why they bash it so much is because it sheds an elimant of truth to them. Most people don't want or refuse to face such things. Truth is harsh. Maybe thats why they are so against it. If one mentions the name of Mohammed, Buddha (Sidhartha), Bringham Young, Confusious. The Earth Mother. Those names are pleasant to the ear. Alas if one mentions Yeshua Christus...Jesus the Christ THAT offends people. It convicts. It does. They get a squirmish feeling inside their gut. As if someone brought it up in front of their eyes and layed out there lives for them. The name offends people. It does. Their mind says, NOPE THATS GARBAGE! THATS A BUNCH OF RELIGIOUS CROCK! THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS GUY JESUS DID ANYTHING!
Hmmm...why so dead set against it? pehaps it reeally is the soul struggeling with truth...

At 14:17, Anonymous SB said...

Or maybe the reason that so many people are so set on 'Christian bashing' is because of precisely the type of view so clearly expressed by your reply from 'anonymous'. Perhaps if Christians were not so oblivious to other points of view in the world and did not spend their time telling others that they were WRONG then the tolerance you request would be more forthcoming.

At 15:07, Blogger Kassi said...

So, are you stating that 'anonymous' is not allowed to thier view? I'm sure that Muslims are true to their faith, why cannot Christians be true to their faith as well? It seems that 'anonymous' has provided an answer. Christians are not oblivious to other points of view. In fact, I would have to say that we are more aware of other points of view, which makes us incredibly sad, frustrated...and disheartened when we are persecuted by others for the mere fact of our faith. Isn't this exactly what people cry out against? Why aren't Christians allowed the same respect? So we don't warrent respect because we have a different belief? That is discrimination isn't it?

At 17:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm...well as to your reply SB. You have a good point. There are many out there in the "Christian world" that ARE oblivios and who yell and scream out against something of which they know nothing about. This is very true. I have indeed been in many a converstaion with a "Christian" and they are down right offensive and very hard to talk to. I may add though that many a religious person out there has said that OTHERS ARE WRONG AND WE ARE RIGHT! Christians aren't the only ones. As for myself my point of view is not strictly coming from a faith based statement. I enjoy listening and researching other faiths. Not to degrade them but to see where people are coming from and what and why they believe it. Its actually rather facinating. However I have come to the conclusion in my life that the teachings of Christ are True. I don't just base this in faith I base it on History and the test of time and many other things. I'm sorry, but intellectually I HAVE to believe what Christ says. Not becasue someone told me thats what he said but because I've taken the time to really read whats in there. And from being on the other side of things. The Name of Jesus (Yeshua) DOES offend people. It really does.


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