Thursday, August 18, 2005

Holding My Breath

Well, I did it. I went to a job interview. The first one since being laid off last October. Well, no the second one. The first one landed me a very nice part time job which I currently hold. Unfortunately the part time job is temporary, so I have to weigh my options.

I've been weighing my options for almost a year, and I wish that they would get off the scale and make a decision whether to diet or eat.

I arrived at my interview 20 minutes early. It's been a long time since I arrived anywhere early, so I was kind of proud of myself for that display of professionalism. I know that it will be the first and only time that I show up early there, but it was a nice display.

Of course, I was made to wait until my appointment time, and even then the interview didn't start until 15 minutes after that. 15 minutes I spent in a conference room with a polycom within arms reach.

I imagined myself in an array of comical predicaments in that time. For instance, calling all of my friends and having a conference call right there, while I waited. But the humor of that dies away when you realize a. all of your friends are at work, and b. there were no refreshments in which to really make the scenario work. Not even a water dispenser. So my aspirations of having a Michael J. Fox office experience went out the window. Instead I mesmerized myself with the optical illusion privacy window next to the door.

The interview, as I said, went well. Because of the privacy glass, the first thing I saw of my interviewer was her feet. She was wearing sandals, and her toes were painted a shade of red. I knew at the toes that this would be a casual interview and I was way over dressed. I was right.

In my defense, I have always believed that a person should look the most professional at the interview, and also my last job environment was VERY conservative.

Anyway, by mid interview I was pressing my boundaries. Meaning...I could tell that they were really interested in me, so I started getting cold feet. By mid way, they were practically signing me on, and so I decided to find out how relaxed they really were. So I was honest. Maybe too honest, but I really had nothing to lose.

I informed them that I have three children. A big interviewing no no. But my situation is kind of unique. I am working towards my degree in Business Management, so that I don't have to be the administrative assistant in a company for the rest of my life. And admin is the position I was interviewing for. Therefore, if I am going to "settle" for an admin job, then I need to make sure it won't conflict with my family life, and vice versa.

They weren't thwarted. So I also let them know that I am interested in growing professionally in the company, that I am concerned about lay off, and I would prefer to not work in accounting.

I also asked why the positions were open, if not for turnover reasons.

I think that they got the picture that it would take some consideration on my part to make a decision to begin work again. And flattery was the beginning. They got the flattery down well enough...and they'll be calling me tomorrow with some feedback o today's interview.

Now I just need to work through the rest of my issues.


At 23:19, Blogger desertUndine said...

I've always heard that when you go to an interview, it's always good to be overdressed vs underdressed. Glad it went well.

At 06:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad it went well Kassi.


At 10:55, Blogger Smito said...

Way to go, Kassi. You rock!


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