Friday, August 26, 2005

Fight or Flight

I wish that sometimes my feelings weren't so incredibly raw. That way, if someone bristley brushed up against them, I wouldn't have such a strong reaction.

Sometimes...I wish that I could just not react.

Then I could be the better person. The stoic one. The professional one. The strong one. Taking the higher ground has never been my forte.

But I am human. Did you know that I'm not perfect?

So...when you tear me reaction is to fight back.

Sometimes I wish that I had learned flight instead of fight.

Then maybe, I wouldn't be sitting in a puddle of tears, left blurry from the whirlwind attack that came to me over the phone with no outlet to escape except into my ears and out of my mouth towards the people that I love the most.

The unprovoked crossing of enemy lines.

Yeah, I take that personally. Damn you for doing that to me. Damn me for reacting.


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